Woodturning Sharpening Accessory Kit

The Robert Sorby Woodturning Sharpening Accessory Kit has everything you need to keep your woodturning tools razor sharp to ensure you get the best results with your projects.

The kit contains the following:

1. Proset – helps achieve the exact bevel angle
2. Fingernail Profile Kit – ideal for shaping a perfect fingernail profile on bowl and spindle gouges
3. Skew Jig – foe accurate sharpening of skew chisels
4. Standard Gouge Jig – allows easy sharpening of all standard ground woodturning gouges
5. Ceramic Belt 60 grit (x1)
7. Ceramic Belt 120 grit (x1)

We have selected these belts because they use an even cut rate and give a vastly prolonged belt life over standard abrasive belts. This produces knives and tools with consistent honed bevels and incredibly sharp cutting edges.

As with all abrasives, the belts should always be used in the order of grit from the coarsest to the finest. This is to maximise the efficiency of each belt and to achieve the best possible results.

Other belts are available.

All items are available individually.

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WPEWTKIT Woodturning Sharpening Accessory Kit

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