Swan Neck Hollowing Tools (850H)

Robert Sorby manufactures a wide range of hollowing tools. Among the most popular is our range of swan neck tools.

The smallest Robert Sorby swan neck tool is the 850H at 14″ in length. The cutting edge of this tool is machined from high speed steel section and is designed to work through the narrowest of apertures – as small as 3/8? (10mm).

The larger tool (851H) provides a heavier section and has the benefit of a replaceable swivel cutting tip – the General Purpose 851C cutter. The 851H is designed for end grain use on shallow depth projects. The (855H) model uses the same cutting tip but being longer allows for greater reach.

These tools are designed for hollowing small and miniature work on branch wood or end grain timber.

The 24” version (859H) is produced from a more substantial steel section and is suitable for both end grain and side grain working.

All of these tools are used with the round bar directly behind the swan neck (curved area) against the tool rest. Details on tool size, minimum attainable apertures and maximum project depths can be seen in the table below.


SKU Code Description/Type Length Min Aperture Max Project Cutter Fitted Cat Page Number
B850001 Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 14" - No Cutter 14" ⅜” 3" Solid HSS
B851001 Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 14" 14" ½” 5" 851C - General Purpose
B855003 Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 20" 20" ½” 5½” 851C - General purpose
B859004 Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 23" 23" 5/8" 7" RS232C - Bullet, RS233C - Ball end

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