Spiralling Cutter 2mm Pitch

The Robert Sorby 2mm Spiralling Cutter is a multi-toothed cutter designed to allow the user to create a variety of spiral patterns and textures with a rib size of 2mm on bowl and spindle projects. One of a family of five cutters for the large texturing and spiralling tools. Experiment using the various pitch depths these cutters provide. With a bit of practice you’ll be amazed at the results.

Use a diamond file or honing stone on the bevelled face. To gain best results and increase the longevity of the cutter this simple procedure should be done little and often.
Sharpening can be achieved with the cutter mounted on the tool.

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This cutter is designed for use with the following tools:

  • Spiralling Tool (320H, 320S, 330H, 330S)
  • Texturing Tool (310H, 310S)

For more information:

  • Download our sharpening guide here
  • Watch the Robert Sorby film on creating decorative techniques, featuring Nick Agar
  • Download Nick Agar – decorative techniques in spiralling and texturing
  • Look at our guide to sharpening abrasives
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B350-02 Spiralling Cutter 2mm Pitch

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