Spindlemaster (812)

The Spindlemaster is an important addition to any spindle turners armoury.  It can be used to plane, bead, cove and trim end grain and is easy to use and sharpen.

The Spindlemaster’s enhanced tip, shear cutting action and highly polished bevel produce a very fine finish on all types of wood – finer than 400 grit paper. It sails through knots and other imperfections as if they were not there.

The polished back bevel helps to produce a high quality finish with exceptional results on softer, traditionally more difficult woods like pine.

We recommend applying a light oil to the blades when not in use to keep them in perfect condition.

SKU Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Size (in) Size (mm) Handle Length (in) Overall Length (in) Cat Page Number
B812130 Spindlemaster HSS ½" Unhandled Yes No ½" 13mm
B812132 Spindlemaster HSS ½" Handled No Yes ½" 13mm 10" 16¼"
B812190 Spindlemaster HSS ¾" Unhandled Yes No ¾" 19mm
B812192 Spindlemaster HSS ¾" Handled No Yes ¾" 19mm 10" 16¼"

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