Negative Rake Scraper (821)

Formerly known as the Hardwood Scraper it was originally designed to tackle hardwoods when producing musical instruments.

However, the tool is equally at home on all types of wood and is as effective on spindle work as it is on bowls – the action of the negative rake on the bevel reducing the risk of grain tear-out and leaving a polished surface that requires little or no sanding.

We recommend applying a light oil to the blades when not in use to keep them in perfect condition.

SKU Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Size (in) Size (mm) Length Handle Length (in) Overall Length (in) Cat Page Number
B821190 Negative Rake HSS ¾" Unhandled Yes No ¾" 19mm 19mm
B821192 Negative Rake HSS ¾" Handled No Yes ¾" 19mm 19mm 10" 16"

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