Diamond Sharpening Stones

These two handy sized diamond sharpening stones are solidly formed sharpeners that can accommodate a variety of materials and will easily sharpen high speed steel and tungsten carbide. No need to throw away your dull TurnMaster tungsten carbide cutters.

Available in two sizes and in two grits (600 and 1000), the larger credit card stone is coated both sides while the smaller version is single sided with a plastic backing.

Slim Diamond Plate – 25mm wide x 75mm long x 1.5mm.
Available in 600 (DS 600) and 1000 (DS1000) grits.

Double Sided Diamond Plate – 55mm x 85mm x 1.5mm.
Available in 600 (DSCC 600) and 1000 (DSCC1000) grits.

SKU Code Description/Type Cat Page Number
WDS600 Slim Diamond Plate 600 grit
WDS1000 Slim Diamond Plate 1000 grit
WDSCC600 Double Sided Diamond Plate 600 grit
WDSCC1000 Double Sided Diamond Plate 1000 grit

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