Chuck Inserts

A range of 18 inserts is available to ensure your chuck will fit almost any production lathe. These are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Part No. Size Cat Page Number
LRSA RSA-Patriot Chuck Insert 3/4" x 16" UNF
LRSB RSB-Patriot Chuck Insert M20mm x 2mm
LRSC RSC-Patriot Chuck Insert M20mm x 1.5mm
LRSD RSD-Patriot Chuck Insert 7/8" x 16"
LRSE RSE-Patriot Chuck Insert 1" x 10" BSF
LRSF RSF-Patriot Chuck Insert M25mm x 2mm
LRSG RSG-Patriot Chuck Insert 7/8" x 12LH
LRSH RSH-Patriot Chuck Insert 1" x 10" BSF LH
LRSJ RSJ-Patriot Chuck Insert 1" x 8" UNC
LRSK RSK-Patriot Chuck Insert 5/8" Bore
LRSL RSL-Patriot Chuck Insert M18mm x 2.5mm
LRSO RSO-Patriot Chuck Insert 1" x 12"
LRSP RSP-Patriot Chuck Insert 1.1/8" x 12"
LRSR RSR-Patriot Chuck Insert 3/4" x 10" BSW
LRSS RSS-Patriot Chuck Insert M30mm x 3.5mm
LRST RST-Patriot Chuck Insert 1.1/4" x 8" tpi
LRSU RSU-Patriot Chuck Insert M24mm X 3mm
LRSY RSY-Patriot Chuck Insert M30mm x 1.5mm

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