22” Traditional Panel Saw

The Robert Sorby Kangaroo Panel Saw is taper ground and has 10tpi. Universal teeth for general use, cutting across the grain to give a finer finish than larger toothed handsaws.

Key Features:

• Made from alloy spring steel
• Laser marked with Kangaroo logo
• Sapele handle
• Straight tooth line
• Hand sharpened blade, can be re-sharpened
• Brass plated screws and medallion
• 10 TPI

Made in Sheffield

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Robert Sorby is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of specialist woodworking tools and equipment, with a proud heritage dating back almost 200 years.

We first produced woodsaws back in the early 1900’s under the Kangaroo brand, and we are pleased to now reintroduce them back into our woodworking range.

The three traditional saws in the range are the 22” Panel Saw, 12” Tenon Saw and the 8” Dovetail Saw.

Part Code Description/Type TPI Length (inch) Cat Page Number
PS2210 Traditional Panel Saw 10 22"

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